starseed transmissions - ashtar introduces the ant beings

Ant being language transmission 

The series of Starseed Transmissions is introduced by Ashtar. It will cover short transmissions of ET languages.

The transitions serve the purpose  to support Starseed awakening and to help humanity become more cosmic in nature.

 The first transmission is that of an Ant-Being. The information was received during a trance session facilitated by Hara Katsiki.


For the full audio of the session please click on the video. The transcript of the session is provided below.


Connecting to ashtar & information about the series of starseed transmissions

( G: Guide, H: Hara, A: Ashtar, T: Ant-Being )


G: If time allows, that Ashtar would like to share pieces of information with you.


H: I am excited to listen to what he has to say, so I would like to thank you and call him forth.




H: Ashtar!


A: Hara! (breathing)


H: It is such a joy to connect with you in this way.


A: Sister! We love you so much. It is so good to connect to you in this way.


H: I am very excited to hear what you want to share with us today.


A: We have put together a whole series of information that we would like to transmit through this vessel. It will help you in your endeavor to reach more people, to reach the people that you can be of service to. (breathing)


H: Wonderful. Thank you very much.


A: (laughing) We thank you.


H: Why are you doing this?


A: (laughing) Why not? We are a team, remember?


H: Yes, I know.


A: (laughing) So, it is a very joyful moment. So, (laughing) and as mentioned it’s a whole series of small sequences that we would like to transmit and let me just say, the whole team ... the team is here. … Muna can feel the energy and that’s why her voice is shaking. It’s a very powerful sense of belonging and ... we are just, we are so excited. We are so excited to be doing this work in this way. So, let’s get started. What do you think?


H: Yes. I am ready.


A: That’s excellent. We will be connecting to a very, very beloved sister of ours. And the rest will be self-explanatory.



Transmission of ant being speaking in their native language

T: 04:05 – 05:51 (breathing changes) – ant-being communicating in ant-being-language


H: Who is it?


T: 5:55 – 06:16 ant-being speaking in ant-being-language (breathing changes)

To listen to the transmission please go to the video above. It begins 04:05.


Ashtar introduces ant being

A: (Ashtar came back) Just for information (laughing) This was your friend. Our friend, our beloved sister and it will be a sequence of different languages. That is ... the first part of the series will be … and it will call the right people (laughing) if you understand what we mean?


H: Can you be more specific, please?


A: Yes.


H: Thank you.


A: There are a number of different languages. Like now we communicate in English. We can communicate in other languages and of course every species has their own language, their own way to communicate, their own … language. 


H: Yes. Way of communication.


A: Yes. And many … there are many Starseeds who will … let’s say many humans on earth, who will resonate, when hearing the different languages spoken. They will remember. Many of them will remember that they speak like this. Some times when they are in a playful mood, sometimes as children, that this was a favorite way to speak, and a natural way to speak, but they never made the connection that they are actually speaking another language. That they are … remembering. That they are remembering.


H: Yes.


A: But this will be reawakened, and with a little bit of explanation, that this is actually another language, it will help them to integrate large parts of their … of their being. It will be very helpful in the process of becoming more cosmic in nature


H: Beautiful. And what we just heard, where does it come from?


A: It is a race which looks similar to … has … how do I describe it … On earth the closest similarity would be an ant.


H: Hm. So, they look like insects?


A: Yeah. But not what you call insectoids. They have a similarity … the head and also the extremities look like ... have similarity to what you know as ants on planet earth.


H: Wonderful. What was the purpose of this connection, this transmission?


A: So, more people on the planet will, if they hear this … and this would be amazing … if this could be really put online as you call it. It … it will …


H: Plant seeds.


A: Yes, and it will reawaken the Starseeds from this group and it’s a large group, it’s a very large group.


H: Mhm!


A: … and they have this hub where they meet in dreamtime. It will help them to remember.


H: Beautiful.


A: (joyfully) Yes. It will be amazing!


H: (laughing)


A: Yes. So, thank you so much for this. Thank you so much.


H: Thank you very much.


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