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a comparison of ant beings and humans




In this transmission the ant being Useke is introduced by Atzuk. He is answering questions about the connection of the ant beings to the human race, their interest in the human species and research they did in the past. He talks about the difference between human emotions and their own.


He explains the ant being’s fascination with the intensity of human emotions, and their excitement about experiencing them first hand as Starseeds in a human vessel. In the last part Useke describes how the ant beings’ manage to maintain balanced and harmonious communities, by addressing unique qualities of all fellow members of their species.


To listen to the recording of the transmission, please check out the video. A full transcript is provided below the video. Enjoy!


00:00 – 04:44 Ant being Atzuk about the excitement, that there is information about there starseed delegation available on the planet, and that they do marketing for it in their group.


04:44 – 10:44 Ant being Useske about the interest that they have in the human race and the research they did in the past – genetically and psychologically.


10:44 – 27:50 Human emotions in comparison to ant being emotions and their connection to creation. The ant beings’ interest of experiencing human emotions from within (as starseeds).


27:50 – 34:21 How ant beings maintain balance and harmony in their communities in comparison to human behavior.


ant being atzuk about the excitement, that there is information about their starseed delegation available on the planet, and that they do marketing for it in their group.

A: It’s Atzuk.


H: Hello, again Atzuk. It is a pleasure to connect with you again.


A: It is indeed.


H: Thank you very much for coming through, and I am very excited to hear what you would like to share with us today.


A: I am very excited. (giggling) You can not imagine the excitement here in the hub and in dreamtime. (giggling) This … we thoroughly enjoy this …  these transmissions, and thank you, thank you very much for putting it out into the world. It’s (giggling) … our group … we are so happy that we know that this information is out there. And it’s just a matter of time until our fellow group members who are incarnated currently on the planet are going to find, find the information because you have to know (giggling) … we make marketing for this … (giggling) … so that when our group members visit us in dreamtime in our non-physical hub in our meeting place, we told them – everyone of our group knows of course, that there is information about our group out there, on the planet now. And so, they will be searching for it. And we have no doubt that at least some of them are going to find it. It will be so interesting, once they come across this information … (giggling) So, this is one thing that I would like to share, and really extend our best wishes and gratefulness towards you for being of service to us in this way … you and Muna … thank you. Also, I would like to offer to you the opportunity to ask more questions, because last time there were questions, but we did not answer them, because we wanted to focus on the starseed subject, but today we are open to address your questions. So, please feel free to ask and, if possible, we will answer.


H: Thank you. One of the questions, I was asking the last time we connected was if you could share a little bit more about your connection to the human race.


A: Yes.


H: In terms of creation of … of our race in terms of DNA template.


A: (breathing) … Yes. I expected, that you would probably ask this question. I invited a group member, a senior researcher in this field, and invited him here today to answer this question, because he knows more about it than most of the others of our group. So, I would like to pass the word to my friend Usecke.


H: Thank you.


U: (breathing changes) … Hello.


ant being useske about the interest that they have in the human race and the research they did in the past – genetically and psychologically.

H: Thank you. You mentioned that you were studying our emotions and I wonder how is your race different in terms of emotions. Do you also have emotions and, if so, what difference did you find between your race and ours?


U: Yes. We do have emotions. The spectrum, or let’s say the scale, it’s not quite as extensive as it is with humans. So, the endpoints …, or let’s say the intensity of the emotions with humans can be a lot stronger, than it is in our case, but we do display also a large variety of emotions, just not with such a large amplitude. For us it was very interesting to see the intensity with which humans feel and the consequences connected to it. Very interesting, very interesting. They are such strong creators for this reason and this fascinated us. Because, one of our qualities is balance. We are harmonious among us we are very balanced so we are creators in our own right. We prefer the pleasant being states, and these paired with harmony and balance allow you to create fast, but we realized, if we could reach the amplitude, if we had the possibility to (laughing) intensify our emotions we could create faster and to a different extend. It would just be a different experience. And we were very curious, very curious about this, because, as I mentioned, it‘s in our nature to like to know and understand and to look at things from different angels. So, for a long time … because we did not want to really change our DNA, mingle, hybridize, do any kind of this … we were not really interested in this, because we could not be sure that we would be harvesting, so to say, the traits that we were interested in and not to lose the ones, that we wanted to keep. So, for a long time, we were simply fascinated and it was like an intellectual project. How … (laughing) basically, how it would like to be human. And (laughing) … as you know, now – and this is very exciting, exciting for us as a race – we have the opportunity to experience this from within. From a real human body. You understand what I mean? Our starseeds do this right now (excited)!


H:  Yes, of course.


U: Yes. So, for us it’s a wonderful opportunity ... not just, that we hope to … well, contribute with our very personal profile that we bring in …, but for us it’s also a dream of generations coming true.


As an opportunity to experience this powerful vessel of creation from within and being monitored by our own kind. We are so excited about this project.


H: So, now that you are experiencing the human being from within, do you have anything to share with us any kind of advice, or information on how to work with our emotions.


U: Well, one thing is appreciation for emotions. To acknowledge, that they are there, that they are wonderful and they serve a purpose.  And of course, there are pleasant ones and very unpleasant ones. One thing, that would be very important for humans to embrace is that they really can chose how they feel by becoming lucid about what they pay attention to. Because anything, that you feed into your vessel in terms of information, in terms of environment anything is feeding into emotional streams and states of being. So, expose yourself to (laughing) how you want to feel and observe yourself, to know yourself. What makes you feel joyful, or whatever state of being you want to be in … usually, it’s things like happiness, joyfulness, peacefulness … (emphatically) it is in reach  … if people, and it’s really just a question of training yourself to become aware of your state of being … we noticed that with many human beings there is a lack of awareness … and then an active choice to engage in the positive things. Things that make you feel happy, joyful, positive. It’s really, it’s that simple. It’s not easy, but it is really that simple. And we can … we see that there is so much suffering, because there is a lack of education of this … it’s really … it is quite sad to see, that these powerful beings are being taught just all the wrong directions, which causes them to suffer instead of joyfully creating. Many of them are creating miserable things for themselves and for everyone else. So, embrace your power, focus on things you enjoy, and really get to know yourself and understand what it is that you enjoy. Because then you can align with yourself, your purpose and just embrace your personal purpose, who you are, to express yourself fully.


H: So, from your perspective, what is the purpose of this system, of the emotions?


U: It can be used as a guidance system. Surely …  you know purpose is a strong word. You can use emotions for many things. And people use it for many things. From the perspective of living a fulfilled life, if you are a person that would like to experience high vibrational states, it’s just to follow what you consider is the state of being, that you want to be in. It is a guidance system. It’s like … if you ... in the morning, if you like a warm shower, you switch on the water, you test the temperature and when the temperature is right, you jump under the shower (laughing). If it’s too hot you are not going to jump under, are you?


H: No.


U: If it’s freezing cold you are not going to jump under the water, but many humans do exactly that. The strange teachings, that are in people’s heads, that suffering is a good thing … and suffering is part of life … and (laughing) ... it’s… and for us it’s … we know … we understand where it comes from, we really do, but we can see that this is really something, that needs to be overcome. And of course, it is overcome by people, but not yet by the majority of people. Not yet, by the planet, the planet population. So, …


H: It is true. Believe systems are deeply rooted in our society, in our race. People, unfortunately even so to say in the spiritual fields, think they need to suffer in order to expand or grow.


U: (giggling) Yes. Suffer or save others. (laughing) That is the other thing, that we perceive … ehm… in our … if you don’t enjoy it, no matter what it is … you are just not reaching a very high frequency.  (emphatically) It’s just that simple. It’s really very simple (laughing) …, but, … yeah … not easy, not easy to integrate. And, yes. There is a lot … a lot to learn and to discover and experience for the human race. And we are ... we do have a little bit of an advantage here. Our group, that is incarnating … just like most starseeds, or many …  let’s say many have an advantage because of their … because of the experience, that they carry and the connections which they have which help to connect to this knowledge faster. And in this way to transform this indoctrination faster. That’s is the reason ..., or one of the effects, that we will have on humanity, hopefully. When starseeds overcome the programming of human society … and … it makes it easier for everyone else to overcome it. Step by step, more and more people will.


H: How can the starseeds accelerate this process? Do you have any advice for them?


U:  I can only speak for … I want to speak only for the starseeds of my group. Because with this we have experience and could observe them. They are … we are, they are very intuitive, and the intuition they can access states of mind in which they are especially connected. Especially when they are in nature. Something that is very positive for them and for reconnecting and downloading information that is relevant for them, and we can only encourage them to acknowledge this, and to create life circumstances which allow them to be in nature a lot, as much as possible. Because this is ultimately helping them to … yeah ... to connect to themselves, to us, to their purpose. To be in that balanced and harmonious state, that is a characteristic of our group, and which then will help greatly, to then … enter, really, any type of state they want and from there create, (laughing) which is exactly why we came here.


H: Wonderful, thank you very much!


U: You are welcome.


how ant beings maintain balance, and harmony in their communities in comparison to human behaviour

: May I ask an irrelevant question?

U: Please.


H: I wonder if you have wars in your … on your planet. Wars within your race or with other races?


U: Like human so?


H: Mhm.


U: (breathing) Our people are not … we are not bellicistic in nature, but we do like boundaries. And there were times that the harmony that we enjoy and which we need to prosper … ehm … was unbalanced. And it happens over and over again, that there is a disbalance in a community for example and this is addressed. Everyone can feel it; everyone can sense it. It’s like (laughing)… it’s like, you know, if you have to take out the garbage. It’s just something, that needs to be changed, and many times, what happens is that we split. Our groups split, or we form delegations, or new groups are forming. We inhabit different planets, and we have populations in a variety of star systems, but we are very connected. So, if a change is happening in one population, it does not go unnoticed by the other populations, and sometimes it’s as such, that a small group from planet A merges with a small group from planet B. Because they are reaching … because they share the same frequency … they resonate. And our species has this habit of finding a match, finding a match in frequency not to force to live together, because for whatever historical reason you are now sharing the same space. If we are no longer a frequency matc,h there will be a translocation basically, and everyone welcomes it … (laughing) … because it … then everyone can be harmonious again. And we say bye, bye with positive sensations. We are happy. For us it means there is development, change, something new happened, and we are also then curious to visit our brothers and sisters to see what they are experiencing. What was the difference, that caused this necessity to move? We love this and think it is very interesting. So, this is how we strive to maintain balance and harmony. Not by controlling in the way that war … controlling is not the right word … not by dominating. This is, as I understand the wars on the planet here, it is about dominance. It is about control in a negative sense.


H: Yes, it is more like a power over others in a way.


U: Yes. It is fear based, just fear based. And our system is not fear based, at all. It is addressing unique qualities, and the need and desire for balance of all our fellow members of our species. It works very well for us.


H: Ok. Wonderful. Thank you very much.


U: You are very welcome.


H: So, I think that’s it from us today. We would like to thank you very, very much for coming through and sharing all this information with us.

U: Thank you very much for the opportunity. It’s so … it’s really exciting for us. (laughing). It really is. It makes our whole project even more interesting. To have this information out there. Thank you very much.

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