ant being starseeds - 500 years on earth



In this channeling, the ant being delegation gives us more information about their history and experience on earth and more details about their interdimensional station.


A full transcript is provided below the video





We need a interdimensional station

The hub was created as a starting point, as a camp to give home and space for our group. We created it first by thought, and then by the active projection of the desire for functionality, for wellbeing, for protectedness, for optimal development, research, preparation, interaction, and intercommunication.



The hub is designed in several layers. Each layer is designed and dedicated to a certain purpose. There is a monitoring area. There is a social interaction area, a training area, a treatment area and several other, which we will introduce to you in the future.


Tuning in to enter

You enter and leave the different areas by intent, by adapting your frequency to match that of the layers. For example, if you want to enter the monitoring area you start to think to focus to tune into monitoring the wish to monitor and this grants you access to this area. You become a frequency match to what you would like to do and then you find yourself in this space.



You know that we have a large number of consciousnesses currently in the hub. You are starting to get a perception of the enormity of this dwelling that we have. You get an energetic reading of it, of the business, of the well-structuredness.


500 years of starseed experience

It exists now for more than 500 years. So, our monitoring period is stretching now for several generations. But it is now, that we can awaken to the fact of our multidimensional nature and our nature as starseeds, which is something we are greatly looking forward to. This expansion of consciousness is going to unlock the great potential, that the human vessel has.


It will help to make an even more, to make fuller use of the power of the human vessel. And this you know of the description of my fellows, this was one of the main reasons why we wanted to come to earth, to experience the human vessel, the power of the human vessel in creating and manifesting.


Experiences on different continents in different human bodies

You have several questions, that I can perceive. We have not always been incarnating in Africa. We incarnated on several continents. Australia, South America, Canada/North America, Asia. Some of us even in Europe. There were times when we were spreading out over the whole planet to collect as much different information about the slight differences that the different genetic profiles of humans offer. The different races as you call it.


This is how we started. We wanted to get an overview to then see and decide, which might be the most efficient vessel the most efficient environment for us. So, the first generation was dedicated to the purpose of learning the basics of being human. By mainly perceiving it. To go with to flow you could say. And us not incarnated monitoring and analyzing the data that was transmitted from our starseeds.


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