creating the interdimensional hub

In this channeling the ant beings describe how they created the interdimensional hub for their Starseed delegation.

 They describe how the hub was build in a creative group effort by using the imaginative abilities and natural interconnectedness of the group to build a thought-form hologram as a template and later the final structure.


A full transcript is provided below the video



group event designing ant being meeting place

using natural interconnectedness to creat the optimal hub structure

Since we like structure and organization it was also clear that we wanted to build a station, which would allow for optimal preparation optimal data-collection and ideal opportunities to interacting with our own species but also with other species. All the other volunteer species, who were preparing to be starseeds. We were very curious about how they would be preparing their delegations and how they would be experiencing life as human beings.


So, we had one team specifically assigned to the task to establish a non-physical base, which would allow us to address all these different needs. The station was designed in a very interactive way. It was a group-event in which all those who were interested to come, who decided to be volunteers to be starseeds on earth, were invited to share their ideas and also to share what they considered necessary for completing the project successfully.


We are as a species very strongly interconnected it is similar to a hivemind but it's not quite that. We are still individuals, but we interconnect with the knowledge and information of our fellow group members with ease. It is so easy for us because we are non-competitive, we are in great appreciation of the differences that we do have and the different knowledge that we have and we are all very aware of the fact, that it can only be beneficial if everyone can share their uniqueness within the group.



mentally created hologram

template for the monitoring station


So, since there are no obstacles within us, within us in our emotions or in our mind. It is very natural, that we can access this group knowledge and it is almost like a hologram. We meet with a – to give you a better idea of how this worked – we meet as a group with one intent e.g. the intent to build the monitoring station and everyone focuses on this task, researching within themselves what they would consider important, relevant, necessary based on their experience, based on their wishes and desires and by projecting this information another level of information is created and that is what I called a hologram, that is created almost organically.


We do also have hologram designers for this specific task. That means a number of people in the group have the task to go onto a metalevel where they observe the creation of the group and of the group task and they help to optimize and design, shift and shuffle the different ideas to bring it into harmony and into a functional structure. They do this intuitively they are also tuned into the group, but they have an increased ability to keep an overview of what is happening. They have the perspective from above not from below and this allows them to make these adjustments. This is the first step of the creation e.g. of the monitoring station.



building the model, refining the design

final modifications

In another step, all this information that has been created is made physically accessible. So, this hologram that I described is something that can be seen in the mind's eye and most of our species can perceive it. But there is a difference between perceiving with the mind's eye or having it a little bit more solid than that. So, what happens is, that the finalized hologram is solidified you could say. It is like a model that can be visited. It is not yet the final model. But it gives you an idea of the structure and the different functionality of the size all this can be perceived easily and more tangibly.


So, after this is created everyone who contributed to its design is invited to visit and to look at it to feel if it seems functional if it covers everything that is was designed and required and also to be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful additions, which were made due to the knowledge and designs of fellow people of the group. After everyone visited and also after there was a group visit because of course, a station like this needs to give space to many people. Many tasks need to be done simultaneously.


So, after visiting individually and as a group there would be another meeting in which again, we would interact communicate discuss what we perceived, how we think the result was. If we noticed that something needs modification, something that could only be seen having more practical experience. In the case of the monitoring station, we were extremely happy. It was decided that an additional quarter would be added which would be one to invite visitors, so that they could monitor or view the monitoring station without interfering with the processes taking place there.


We considered this important because we want to share knowledge we want to get new perspectives from visitors and we also want to make 100% sure that the tasks performed would not suffer from any type of interference directed … so this was an additional idea which came up and which then, in turn, was added to the structure of the station. What I described just now we did for all the different areas of our future hub. The living environments, the healing stations and so on. 

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