incarnated ant being starseed introduces himself

This is a channeling of an ant being Starseed who is currently incarnated in Windhook, Namibia. He gives us some details about himself, which might help him to remember his origin. 


A full transcript is provided below the video




ant being starseed in whindhoek, namibia selling crystals

The following is a complete transcript of the channeling.


I am Aketzike-ahhh. […] I am connected to the ant beings. My last incarnation was as ant being. I am currently incarnated. I am incarnated on planet earth, in Africa, Namibia. I live in Windhoek. And I am living a comfortable life selling stones, minerals, to tourist and people in general.


I am talking to you today in order to let you know, that the transmissions are about to reach the first of us. The first of us being incarnated on earth. They have not reached us yet. It is just a question of time. So, we are looking forward to the next publications and to the book that will be prepared which will contain even more details also graphic details which will help us to remember.


I gave you some details about me, because this can also help me to verify even more what I am perceiving and to help me to trust my intuition, when I come across the material.


This is all for now from my side. There might be others that will be talking to you in this way, revealing parts of their human identity which will help them to verify their intuition of being part of this very group of Starseeds. 


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