shuttelservice to hub

This is channeled information from the ant beings.

The  shuttle service provider describes his task in helping his group members, who are currently incarnated on earth to visit the hub at night, when out of their body.


starseed shuttel earth to non-physical base and back

 The following is a full transcript of the channeling.


I am part of the starseed delegation of the ant beings. I am currently not incarnated on planet earth but I am in the non-physical realms. My task is to provide a shuttle service for our starseeds. That means during dreamtime, during the night, when they project out of their body, I am usually accompanying them. Especially those who have difficulties to leave their bodies or have difficulties orientating towards the hub. So, we call this for this reason and because it is the easies way to name it a “shuttle service”. So, what does the service entail?


The monitoring team usually gives me the information, that a certain friend/ group member is scheduled for a visit at the hub. For me that means I will be approaching them during the night when I know that they will be sleeping and invite them to project towards the hub. While doing this I am offering energetic support, which helps to leave the body. I am offering support when it comes to moving towards the hub and enter it.


All our members have a unique access code but at times they are buried so deep within them that they can not recall it by themselves. And being with me helps them to access it and thus to be able to enter.


After they completed their visit, their task, their assignment, whatever it was why they were visiting the hub, I will then guide them back home to their physical vessel. Make sure that they are ok, sleeping well and come back home.


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