meaning of solstice ant crop circle

a message from the arcturian ship that made it

This is a channeled message related to the ant crop circle that appeared on 21st June 2019. It is transmitted from the ship responsible for transmitting the crop circle and explains its meaning.

 It also gives an insight into the multidimensional, galactic interlinked support mechanisms in supporting earth changes. The message was received on 23rd June 2019.


A full transcript is provided below the video




transcript of the channeling

 Ashtar: This is Ashtar. We do have a connection to the team, that is responsible for making this crop circle and we would love to organize a transmission with them if you were interested in receiving the information.


M: Yes!



Captain of crop circle ship: Hello Muna I am the captain of the ship, which is responsible for designing, and making/manifesting the crop circle that you saw today. The question is: Is it connected to the ant-beings? And, yes indeed it is related to the ant beings. You could say it is a homage to their involvement on earth and the development of earth and it is designed to awaken those with relationships to ants. May it be people who carry makers in their DNA related to the ant beings, may it be Starseeds currently incarnated on earth. It will also increase interest to increase research related to ants and ant beings. So, there will be for some time more traffic related to the research about this animal but of course also the ant beings. Since we do not like to scare people and the ant beings simply are a little bit scary for most humans. It awakens negative associations rather than positive ones. So, we chose the ant, the animal ant as a symbol for this crop circle.


The circle that is connected to the ant represents several things. It represents the earth, but at the same time, it represents a portal, which allows for a reception of codes, which are currently sent to earth to all those open to receive them and all those who carry the right receptors or markers. It also represents the sun and the power of the sun, which is relevant in the current transformation and really in the forwarding of all the changes which are starting to unfold.


I am part of the Arcturian Federation. Our task is to support, really all cosmic nations who are currently working on earth supporting the ascension, the changes, and developments on earth. And we support in our specific case for example with the transmission of crop circles. It is something that we are specialized in. It is a great honor for us to do this. And it is a great honor to work with so many different star nations, all of us working together for a common goal.


We appreciate the connection to us and we appreciate to be able to transmit this information [...]

I would like to return the word to Ashtar. Thank you very much for the connection. Good Bye.


Ashtar: So, now you know. Now you understand the connection. And you can feel the power of the mechanism that is in place. The multidimensional mechanism and the support, the mutual support of different groups. […]




More information on the crop circle:

The beautiful picture was taken by Nick Bull. To see a full drone video go to the video here



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