Dolores Cannon and the Indigo Delegation

We meet Dolores Cannon at the meeting of the indigo delegation, which is preparing for their mission on earth.


Dolores was part of the preparation team and explains to us that the indigos are currently entering a new stage of development which is critical in their mission to create the new earth.


She states that they came here for exactly this stage and congratulates the volunteers. She is asking the indigos to think big and make the most of this new level of being.


H: And I want you now to describe me the very first impressions that you have as you begin to understand what is happening around you.


M: It feels like I am sitting somewhere. It’s like … yes, there are many chairs, very comfortable places to sit. It looks like in a theater.


H: Look around you. What do you see?


M: Well. I see it is a very big place. There is space for lots of people. Lots of audiences.


H: Is it open air, or is it a closed space? Is it a room or a hole? Do you see a ceiling or how is it?


M: It has a ceiling. It can be used as a screen, so it is like a ... so it’s inside and it’s built like an amphitheater. You know, where the seats are at different levels so everyone can see optimally.


H: So, it’s round?


M: Yes. The shape is round.


H: Ok.


M: But the people are not all over, they are like 3/4s, a little bit less, that is full of people. And it's really, it's full, fully occupied.


H: Can you describe to me how you look like? Look at yourself. Look at your body.


M: It is me again. From our last encounter. The same body, the same robe.


H: The blue dress?


M: Mhm.


H: Ok.


M: And there is something else.


H: Can you describe what it is that is different this time?


M: It is something, that is fixed around my shoulders and my head. It is like a device. It seems to be some sort of.


H: … device?


M: Yes. Some sort of device, some sort of tool.


H: Can you tell me about its function?


M: It is somehow connected to keeping me in this environment. It is like being, like being hooked into this place or rather be connected to it. I could detach it any time if I wished to. It seems to be relevant for the transmission that is being passed on to everyone present. Yes. To optimize the reception of the information that is being passed on.



H: Tell me more about this transmission. Who or what is transmitting the information?


M: Ranara is next to me. Yes. She is here. Guiding us again and she is giving me some information, me specifically, not to the whole room. She says we are now present in the meeting of the Indigo Delegation and she is guiding my attention to a group of different beings who are kind of on the panel of speakers. And there is Serafina. There is Lord Arcturus.


H: Sorry?


M: I think he is known by the name Lord Arcturus. The representative of the Arcturians.


H: Can you describe him for us? Does he have a physical body? How does he look like? How does he appear?


M: He seems to be wearing a robe a long, long very large ... I don't know. Somehow surprising. I don’t know why. I don't think I ever encountered him before, or never had a visual impression. Ranara, she is asking me to look at the other people that are on the panel. There is Ashtar, and there are representatives of the Pleiadians.


H: … of the Pleiadians?


M: Mhm.


H: Ok. How many people are in the panel? How many do you see?


M: It is a huge .. it is a very big panel. It is like the quarter that is not occupied by listeners. I think it is 60 or 70.


But there seems to be somehow more. The ones I mentioned who have been pointed out to me specifically by Ranara they are representatives of many different species it’s a beautiful mixture of --- laughing --- of cosmic family.


H: So, just to get the picture. You said it is like an amphitheater and there are chairs all around. Is there like a central stage for some who are speaking or are they all sitting around? How is the formation of this meeting?


M: They are all sitting around on equal levels and the one who is speaking is taken into focus and projected into the center. It is like a very large projection of that being.


H: Tell me more about that. How is this being done or how could you describe it?


M: It is kind of normal. No one is surprised that it is done this way. It is very practical because it is easy to see who is presenting or speaking and the information is basically transmitted telepathically.


H: Ok. So, this is the Indigo Delegation?


M: Yes, it is.


H: Ok. Is it appropriate to ask for some information about it now?


M: Yes. Yes, it is. I am sorry I was surprised ... laughing ... Ranara is encouraging me: Yes, yes, say who you see! And there is Dolores Cannon ... laughing...


H: Is she?


M: Yes, she is on the panel.


H: Wonderful. I get goosebumps. What type of body does she have?


M: She has a human body. She looks like. Yes, she has her human body. A bit younger version than she is most known for. Yes. Much younger. Maybe I don't know. Maybe she is. She looks much younger. Like in her 40s or something. Younger than the pictures you see from her.


H: So, she is attending the meeting?


M: Yes. It seems like it. She is changing kind of. She starts to look ... no, she looks like she looks. There are many different levels of information coming in. So, I am present in this place and at the same time, I am now zooming in, closer to her and she is so much younger, also in terms of personality, you can feel it. Not yet that experienced.


Is she aware of me? Not the one present in the meeting but on another level she is here with us. Her older version. The version that left the planet.


H: She wants to speak?


M: Mhm.


H: Wonderful! We would like to hear what she has to say. Hello Dolores!


M: Hello Hara!


H: I am so pleased to connect with you.


M: So am I. So am I!


H: And it is such an amazing surprise, that you are in this meeting. It is so amazing.


M: Yes. Well, not for me. But indeed, it is not known yet. And it is lovely, to have both of you as visitors.


I am very excited that you connected in this way. I am very happy about it. I actually consider it a privilege. I will explain later why I use this word specifically. So, yes. I was part of the preparation team for the Indigo Delegation.


H: What do you mean by that? Can you tell us more?


M: Yes. I would love to. When we made plans to support the development on earth we designed different waves, different groups with different profiles to be seeded on the planet. Some of these are known on earth.


So, the Indigo Delegation is connected to what is now known under the name indigo children, indigo people. People with a specific personality, with specific abilities.


H: Is this what you are referring to as the waves of volunteers?


M: Yes. What I explored in my later work on earth were also waves. The three waves of volunteers which I identified. What I would like to add to this information is that of course many of these waves, many of the waves are not identified yet at all and let's just call them groups. Groups with specific abilities with specific profiles, specializations. Some of these waves overlap. E. g. members of the indigo waves, many of them, are second wavers.


But the reason why I am connecting today is, I would like to explain some of the qualities and some of the functions of the so-called Indigo Group ... because it is relevant at the moment, at this point in time. Because they have come to a new stage of development of the next level of their self-expression. You can really look at it like a plant that starts growing. It goes through different stages of development, of different stages of maturity and by doing so radiating that very energy that they embody at that moment. The waves are designed to bring a specific type of energy to the planet and to radiate this energy. This is well known.


The indigo group they have a kind of - ?? - development. They came here in the knowledge, that their very presence was going to impact the energy field of earth.


H: Yes. Can you tell us more about this new phase and what does it mean?


M: Yes. The indigos currently many of them experience what you two have been talking about. This elevated level of internal freedom. The elevated level of well-being, independence. You could call it blooming. You are reaching a level of development, that you have been longing for in a long time, and that is much closer to your natural being state. The energies on earth allow for this to happen and the indigo Group is encoded to respond to these frequencies.


It is like the spring in bloom. There is a moment when the right energy is around, you start to blossom.


In other words, you start to express this level of being. Why is this so important? It is a level that allows you to create practically from a state of well-being, from a state of freedom, compared to before most of humanity in the past and still in large parts is not creating deliberately. They are not creating from a positive point of attraction. They are creating you could say by default, from old patterns which still carry a lot of fear. The state that many of the indigos are reaching allows them to be the actual creators and I want to remind them of that. That they came for this very reason.


Because this ability allows you to manifest changes in your own life but subsequently also for other people. So, the indigos currently who reach this level are powerful creators, positive creators. They can use this being state and they already do to create beautiful things. Not fear-based and this ties into the transmission of Serafina before and into the transmission that Muna received the day after your last session.


Because she is reminding you that, and wants to make it very clear for everyone, and I want to do so too that you become fully aware, fully aware of the fact that you are creating your own reality. You really do. And that is something the more deeply you embrace this the more joyful your creation will be.


You will be more lucid about what you chose. You will be more lucid and pay more attention to your thoughts to anything that you do. Because anything has an impact and reaching this changed state of being is enjoyable in itself. It feels good. It feels so much better. You all remember how it felt before. So, enjoy this and be full of appreciation for this because you came here exactly for this. To experience THIS. So, first of all, congratulations! It is a reason to celebrate! It is! It is basically, it is what you came here for. To reach this level because it changes so much.


And you have all done so much in the past to get here. We all know this. And now you reached this new state and we want you to be able to fully embrace it, to become fully aware of the potential that it has. That is why Serafina started to connect to Muna more and more to pass on reminders and to help embody this more and more, and not to forget it. To really pay attention, to make most of it, to think big. To really think big.


H: I would like to extend this gratitude to you, Dolores, personally. Because I believe that your work has influenced a lot the development of this shift. And I would like to ask you because you are now part of this - in the eternal now - part of this indigo delegation.


And you wrote these books that became so popular and awakened so many people about the three waves of volunteers. So, it seems as if it was part of your mission to awaken these beings in this mission?


M: Yes. Yes, it was certainly a mission that I chose. And a wonderful one too. I enjoyed it so much. And it is beautiful. It is beautiful to see that the books are still reaching people and what is even more beautiful is to see how things continue to develop.


H: What do you see from that perspective? How is the development unfolding into the new earth?


M: If I describe it from my perspective the work I did and that I published on the planet it was like an ignition. It was in itself a strong impulse, an energetic impulse that was rippling across the earth.


H: It still does!


M: Yes, it does but what I see now it that it is like a domino effect. I pushed a stone and that is really all I did. Everything else was in place. The mechanism was in place. The people were in place. All these beautiful volunteers and so many other people contributed. It was amazing. Research and findings.


So, I feel like I tipped a domino stone and that set in motion so many beautiful things. Many groups were reached by this domino effect and then started to develop their own work. Their own line of work. Small groups which do research, connect to the interdimensionality. Some of them publish, some don't.


But everyone is contributing to this really network of volunteers. Very beautiful. And I can only encourage people to follow their intuition. To follow their heart in exploring. Exploring and developing where they feel guided to. That is how I did it.


I just continued doing what felt right to me and where I felt my heart was guiding me to. Where I felt joy and curiosity and that was my guiding star. Regardless of what other people would say. And I can only advise anyone, anyone really, to focus on your inner plane as your guiding light and to connect to those who resonate, who understand, who understand that and not worry about criticism or people who have different opinions. That's fine. You know, everyone is doing different things and relevant things and they don't always go hand in hand.


No problem. Just do not let it interfere with your development and with what you are bringing to the table.


H: May I ask you what is your connection and role in the Indigo Delegation? How are you related?


M: Right now, I would like to, I am here on a promotion tour, so to say. I want to really give a focus to the set of people who are here on the panel. I am one of them. But more important than me is currently Serafina, for example. Because during this meeting of the Indigo Delegations it was an introduction to the project. This is one group of representatives of the Indigo Delegations and they are being shown and introduced to different teams. They know they will be incarnating but they know that there are many, oh so many, who will be supporting them from different dimensions, who will not be incarnating but who will be closely connected, monitoring, supporting in different ways. The Arcturians specialized in their technology with large ships help to transmute enormous amounts of energy, as you have explored yourself in the transmission about the ET-devices in Berlin.


They can remove entire dimension fragments from earth and many other things. They have healing abilities. They do crop circles. Many, many things. So, this is one level. Then, of course, there are the monitoring teams which are assigned specifically to each and every starseed which are composed of their starfamily, of chosen people. And it was always known that there would also be guardians. Guardians, who help during the different levels of awakening.


And Serafina, as she told herself during her last session, is the guardian specifically, currently for the developing, ascending, awakening whichever term you want to call it, blossoming indigos. She is, I would say, she is one of the most beautiful teachers for creating from a loving heart.


H: Does she represent a certain race? I guess she is not incarnated on earth right now?


M: No. She is not incarnated and I was checking in with her if she would prefer to speak herself but she says I should just go ahead. She is not the representative of any specific race. She is a representative of the dimension that she is speaking from. The frequency of Love.


She will be speaking later. So, she can give you a description from her perspective. But from mine. She is residing in this energy field from which she transmits information of pure and delightful creation. And that is where she is. So, when you connect to her, part of you that is bridging through the dimensions and receiving the information.


H: Thank you.


M: You are welcome.


H: Is there anything else you wish to share with us today?


M: I hope to be connecting again in the future and I am thanking you both for this opportunity.


H: Thank you, Dolores. It is always a pleasure to connect with you. Please do reconnect with us. We will be so happy.


M: I will. And I will observe you.


H: ... laughing... I know that.


M: Much Love.


H: Much Love.




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