Your mind is set on transformation

Beautiful being.


It is such a JOY to be with you.

To watch you unfold.

To see you vibrate in iridescent colors.

Indigo, violet, lavender, rose.


We love you with all our being, with our heart and soul.

You are entering a new dimension, the dimension of deliberate, aware and intentional creation.

We are in awe to see you unfold, emanating beauty, joy, and well-being.

Changing the world from within.


You are beautiful and your wisdom is increasing.

Your mind is set. Set on the elevated being states.

You take care of what you expose yourself to.

To what you read.


What you watch. Which thoughts and feelings you empower.

Your inner freedom increases.

You breathe more deeply and more freely.

Oftentimes you let go completely and rest in the state of being.


Layer upon layer is transformed, restructured, remodeled,

manifesting a new shape, a new form, a new function.

Serving your being.


You are a light of transformation.

Your presence triggers change in your environment.

Your mind is set on transforming the inner realms.

Just like a ship is setting the sail for a specific destination.


Your boat is built from confidence, self-assuredness, and clarity.

The sail is your opening heart which is filled with elevated emotions.

With joy, love, peace, and happiness.


Your compass is your inner being.

Your third eye, your crown the wholeness of your energetic body.

You are sailing across the planes of the cosmos, steady strong and purposefully.

Appreciating beauty inside and outside.


Surrendering, merging with the vibration of God.

With the joyful buzzing in your body, with the vibrant sky,

with the sparkles of the ocean, the sound of dolphins.

Embedded in the magic of life.




Received by Muna


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