Ashtar in the Indigo Delegation

We accompany Ka'a to another session during the preparation meeting of the indigo delegation. The participants download information of the interconnectedness they have with their fellow delegates and Starseeds, to be aware of their joint mission. The host of this session is Ashtar who is describing that the Indigos are moving on to a new part of their mission.  Many of them having served in interdimensional projects as lightworkers preparing the energies of the earth for the shift by transmuting dense energy and release karma. Their next task is to become a lucid creator. Their high sensitivity which has been focused on releasing dense energies can now be focused on the elevated being states.

Indigo Delegation Session H*M 02.04.2020


H: If there's anyone already in your presence, in your energy field, if there's any being already present that would like to come through and communicate with us.


M: I perceive that I'm standing in here with a group of people already in between sessions, and it's in between different sessions of the indigo delegation. I perceive myself and it's like I'm waiting to enter a different room, a different space to receive more information. And Ranara is here.


H: She's with you?


M: Yes, she's with me. She is guiding me through this place. I'm so happy she is here. There are so many beings here. Yeah, she is helping me to orientate.


H: And just to set the scene, could you describe me, just look around you and describe me how is this place that you are in now?


M: Right now it's like a hallway. Like a hallway from one space, one room, to another. Before, it was like an area where people were waiting as if we all had left a large meeting room and we're then still standing outside chatting. Some chatting, some not.


H: So, you said that you are heading towards another meeting, another room?


M: Yes. To another room. Yes. To get information, more specific it seems. It's like this whole event is about passing on as much information to us, to the delegates.


H: Wonderful.


M: ... as possible. It's really nice to see all the different delegates. They come from all over. It's beautiful.


H: Different kinds of beings, you mean?


M: Yes. It's very inspiring.


H: Could you briefly describe some that capture your attention?


M: I spoke to some fellow beings which I know from my home, from the Antaris star system, and they are different species and we cannot mingle very much, but this is a very nice occasion to connect.


H: Did you just say your home?


M: Yes.


H: You said Antaris?


M: Yes.


H: Okay. So, this is your home?


M: Yes. Speaking from the being that I'm representing with my body, yes, yes. It's my home. We came here, or I specifically came to Venus, to connect to my friend here, guiding me.


H: Has this information come through in previous sessions? Because I'm quite surprised as if it's the first time I see.


M: I think it is probably the first time. Yes, I described last time actually only that I was on Venus and that Rnara was guiding me. I described how I looked, but I don't think I mentioned where I came from. I described how looked like, but I don't think I mentioned where I came from.


H: Yeah.


M: But our species is not restricted to the Antaris starsystem but that makes things complicated I guess.


H: Okay. That's quite amazing. So, this connects some more dots, I would say, that's for sure. The body that you are carrying now, the one that is present now in this Indigo Delegation, is it a physical body or energetic?


M: We are participating in this meeting on a specific frequency and I think really everyone's participating energetically to a certain level of density, so we do have shape, we have form. And I have the ability to manifest the physical body, and I do. But this place where we are is not quite as solid as you would perceive your world, but it's nevertheless materialized.


H: I understand. Just to get things straight, because we have been communicating with many beings and I just want to make things straight in my head, could you tell us your name again?


M: My name is Ka’a. Muna can spell it later.


H: Okay. And how are you connected to Muna? In what way are you related?


M: I'm one focus point of her.


H: An aspect of her, you mean?


M: No. It depends on the perspective we choose, and that's the setting of oneness. You could say I am her in the past, and that now she's one aspect of me, I'm one aspect of her. I saw myself in the future as being her. But I'm saying this because I'm adapting it to the human perspective, which is still valid on the planet.


H: Yes, and thank you for this clarification. I apologize for making very linear, human questions.


M: No, don't apologize, please don't. It's so beautiful to work with you and so important. And remember, I'm … and I am excited to have this opportunity to connect already now whilst being prepared. It's beautiful, it's wonderful, I love it. So, your questions are very valid and well-placed.


H: Okay. Good to know. Thank you. Okay, so is Ranara, like you said, escorting you now in another room, or what is happening now?


M: Yes, she is. She's sure to come. We are good friends. It's so wonderful to be with her. Yes, she is. I'm walking side by side with her one arm tucked under and she is explaining to me that we are now going to a specialized preparation. I don't know what it is. I will just follow her and see.


H: Let's see. I'm very excited.


M: I'm entering this space.


H: Would you like to describe it for us?


M: Yes. It reminds me of if you go to an observatory on earth. I'm drawing this from one of my memories. A star observatory where they turn the cupola into ... I'm saying stars, where the stars are projected to the ceiling. It's like this. It's dark.


H: Oh, like a planetarium?


M: Yes, like a planetarium.


H: I love those places.


M: It's like this. It's quiet. I can perceive that there are quite a number of others. And I am lying down. There are seats, very comfortable reclining chairs. And we are connecting. The seats have some kind of mechanism where you place your hands and it's connecting you more deeply to the environment, connecting to your chakras so you can absorb the energy and the information.


H: These chairs have … Yes.


M: The transmissions are starting.


H: Okay.


M: This is very intense and interesting, exciting. What we are being shown is our interconnectedness, all the beings in the room. It's like we are receiving a download of information of our past and future connections, like a family tree but just so much more ... a very complex one. The download, it has information on so many different levels. I understand that the beings in this room, I understand on an emotional level, on a level in terms of incarnation, experience, star system. All these different layers of information. I know who they are, who I am, and what we will be doing in the future.


M: For a human mind, you hardly ever have an experience like this, of such an expansion of awareness. And in my day-to-day life, I also do not have that, but it is not unknown to me. You have to be on a certain stage of ... You have to have a certain level of vibration as your constant base, to be able to take in this information. It is relevant for our task and it is designed to ... It is designed, this session, to help us connect deeply to the other delegates because we will be reactivating these connections.


H: What do you mean?


M: Our mission is to come to earth, the planet that you call earth, the beautiful blue planet, and we will be supporting each other. Many times energetically, many times indirectly, sometimes directly, we will be recognizing each other. And the download that we are receiving now is one information package. It's like something that will be stored in our system, to be unpacked in the right moment, so to say, if you want. Yeah, that's pretty much it. This information was ... the organizer of this session, Ashtar. We have such a strong connection to him. There is complete trust in this room. And such a strong feeling of kinship.


H: I wonder who or what is transmitting this information and downloading it to you, to all of you.


M: I can only say that the room is designed for this type of transmission, just like the planetariums, where those are designed to transmit certain information. It's a technology that's being used. This is really all I can say. We would need to ask a specialist if you needed more information.


H: Okay. It's not one being?


M: No, no. Ashtar can give this information.


H: Okay. Yeah, if it's appropriate and relevant, I would like to hear about this process.


M: Hello. Hello, beautiful sisters.


H: Hello Ashtar.


M: So, you made your way right into the Star Seed delegations. Congratulations, welcome.


H: Thank you. It's a pleasure and an honor to be there. Thank you for guiding us through.


M: You're welcome. You're very welcome here. You were asking about information that's being transmitted.


H: Yeah. I was wondering how that works.


M: On the level that the beings are receiving it, it's as any physical environment where there are chairs that are designed to help receive this information. And I am feeding them this information. This information is stored on another level of my being, and the technology in the room is tapping into this level of my being and transmitting it, transmitting this information.


H: And how does it tap into this level of your being?


M: It's something that's not even closely discovered on earth. It's a spiritual technology, you could say. It will only ever be discovered once people understand what consciousness means. This is still a little bit a bit more time in the future.


H: But if we can put a word that humans can understand, is it like telepathic transmission?


M: Yeah. Yes, you could say that. Yeah.


H: To simplify it.


M: It's like an energetic transmission that holds a lot of information. It's a little bit like a zip file. You download a lot in a small volume, and then it unpacks in your system as if you download a program, and this then is installed in the other being as information that's being downloaded. That's really the best information for it. It's unfolding in the person and the person then has access to all these levels of information within them. So, it is true that there's a projected screen around them, but the much more important screen is the one on the inside because they feel the connection, they know their connections to the other beings, which is crucial because we design the waves very carefully.


M: We spend a lot of time figuring out the different qualities, the different character traits needed at different times on the earth to really help it make that necessary leap in frequency. So, we are working on preparing the delegates, the volunteers, to the best of our ability so that they can make full use of their own potential but also never forget their fellows. Because this whole idea of the waves is that they help each other, and they do. They amplify each other's signals.


H: And even activate it some times, right?


M: Yes, they activate each other. If one is still dormant and then you come in contact with another activated Star Seed. It works beautifully, it works.


H: I get goosebumps.


M: Sometimes you just need to be in the same room. Sometimes you just need to hear the voice of someone, sometimes just see a picture of someone, or read an article written in the right vibration. It works on many different levels and it works great. We are quite happy to see that unfolding. It's beautiful. And of course, we enjoy seeing that the design works. We have to admit that it's a really great pleasure to watch it unfold.


H: I just got a picture in my mind. I don't know if it's the way you said, maybe it's more metaphoric. That every time a volunteer or an Indigo Star Seed is activated, it's like a red light is being turned on on the map of the earth.


M: Yes, it is. If you would want to use another image, they start to ... It's amazing because, well, really the moment they land on earth they start to emit this signal. But the more they develop, they change what they emit, and this is something that Dolores was talking about in the last session, that the seeds, the star seeds goes through different stages. Every stage has a certain purpose.


M: So, many of the Indigos were in the past, they had a certain task, and many of them worked multi-dimensionally. Many of them, unconscious, they knew they were doing energy work, they helped people. They transmuted enormous amounts of energy. They were helping to create structures, devices, to really bring everything in place for the great energetic changes that are currently taking place on g... We are [inaudible 00:30:28] ... We are extremely busy working, as you would call it, we are really extremely busy. And now they are moving into a different stage, and simply because the projects are completed.


M: For example, some of them were born into families with very, very dense karma, family karma, ancestral karma, [inaudible 00:31:16] karma, and they were working their ways through to the very core of this trauma and healing it on many different levels. They were healing it within themselves, sometimes within their family, which are still alive, but they were doing so much work in the non-physical dimensions. This is what's absolutely crucial for the ascension of us because they cannot ascend having these dense dimensions packed with traumatized souls who cannot move on.


M: So, many of the Indigos took it upon them to transmute not only their own pain and inherited karma and trauma, but to work in the non-physical dimensions to transmute that energy and to help those consciousnesses to move on, to heal basically. So, many of them have a very natural affinity and ability to heal.


M: Basically, their presence is healing and they felt a strong call to do this type of profession, but many times did not work in it, but they did every night, they did non-stop almost to help those consciousnesses which were stuck, souls who were stuck, frozen in time, frozen in their trauma, to move on. Or to set in place these devices that you have been talking about, which then help to remove an entire dimension fragment. I've been talking about this before. It fits very well because this was an absolutely integral part of the work of many of the Indigos. They really did a great job. They really did a great job.


M: So, this is now almost completed. Things are in place. The devices are in place. Most of their work is done. There are other delegations working with what is still remaining, but the people we are talking to right now, the Indigo delegation, they are now moving onto different tasks and they feel it. They feel the freedom. They feel so much better. They feel so much better because their burden has been lifted off of them.


H: What percent of them are in this new state right now?


M: I would say that 30 to 35% are at this stage and more are joining. There are always some who go a little bit faster than the others, that's just part of how this moves, as always, the tip of the wave and then the rest that follows. But it's just a question of time. It won't be too long I'm assuming [crosstalk 00:35:37].


H: So, these are the front liners, right? Sorry.


M: Yes, yes, that's absolutely right. So, the first ones are already packing up and motivating the others to do the same.


H: And these don't necessarily belong to first, second or wave third of how Dolores was organizing them? They could be from any wave, the ones who have reached this new stage?


M: Here, we really specifically speak about the Indigo wave that I'm sure others can ... Well, let's really focus on them. That's why Dolores mentioned that many Indigos are also second-wavers. The first part of their task fits very well to the description of just being because that was enough. They had this energy pattern to just influence by being wherever they were, and they were carrying this to any dimension that they traveled to or that they focused on. That would even be enough. They are extremely strong and they are extremely empathetic those Indigos.


H: The second-wavers, you mean?


M: Yes, the second-wavers but also the Indigos. One important characteristic of the delegation that we are talking from at the moment is that they are highly empathetic. I'm not talking an average strong empath, I'm talking about something that's way beyond that level, representative would not even match. They are calibrated to perceive trauma, to perceive dissonances. They are basically tuned in the first part of their life they were tuned to dive very deep into the depths of the pain, the trauma conflict, and to unravel it, to understand it, to see it, and to dissolve it. That's why they spend so much time on the inside perceiving, soaking up information, working with it, transmuting it, releasing it. It was a tough task. That was really a tough task.


H: Before we continue on this very interesting subject that we are talking about, I just want to make a parenthesis and I would like to ask you if you could clarify what is your description of Indigos, and how are they related, what's the connection or difference from the three waves that Dolores was talking about?


M: The waves that Dolores identified ... You could say it's one classification system for Star Seed volunteers, and talking about Indigoes or Crystal Children or people is another way of classifying it. Dolores did it, focusing on times when they were born and certain characteristics that they had in common. So, you could say that the three waves are a more general classification than talking about the Indigos because also the second wave is not only composed of Indigos but also other subgroups which some have been identified, some have not yet been identified. So, you could say that the description of Indigo is more specific. It describes a smaller group or a different group and more based on their character traits, on their abilities, on their profile, more specifically.


H: Would you like to identify that regarding the Indigos specifically?


M: Yes.


H: Thank you.


M: I think the description I gave in the beginning before about the first task that they chose, one of the strongest character traits is, and by design and by necessity, was this incredibly high level of sensitivity, of empathy, in order to fulfill the tasks that I described, to understand deeply beyond imagination of most people on earth. It was an intricate dynamic of a traumatized generation, of a traumatized bloodline, through all the different layers of dimensions. They could do this, the Indigoes can do this in the first part of their life.


M: I know that many of them have memories. They remember waking up in the morning and remembering that they had been somewhere negotiating. Negotiating, as it seemed, in different dimensions. Many of them were negotiating in parallel dimensions of earth to release, or to get populations released, from the very dense dimensions of the earth. Dimensions which were remnants, for example, was ... to give one example. This task was so important. It was absolutely necessary to cleanse and to release the trapped consciousnesses from these dimensions, from taking root on the planet. Without it this would not have happened. So, they did an amazing job. And they are so happy that it's over. It was a tough task.


H: Yeah.


M: There's no doubt about this. It was a very, very challenging task. You cannot reenter these dimensions and work with them, but you connect with them so you do feel all of it. You feel the horror and the pain and at the same time you're bringing light into ... You have to transmute. And I want to add this; this very profile that they have and that they trained so much, they're so good at this.


M: Their strong trait, one of their strong traits. This will now be used for something completely else, and we are so happy we designed it this way because it will balance the first years of their years, of their life. The first half of their megaproject that they did, which is now completed. So, they trained their abilities to sense and feel deeply, and they were focused mainly on, well, on the problems, on the things that need to be transmuted, that need to be released. Now, they are learning to shift their focus to the beautiful frequencies. They are the awakening creators. They are now embracing, starting to understand how they create from within. It starts to slowly enter their awareness that they are strong, fast manifesters. Learning how to do this.


M: And their sensitivity is going to help them very much to navigate through the space, because they are entering a yet unimaginable life. It's something that is so different that it cannot yet be expressed to you in a transmission, but many of you are starting to ... They will make sense of the words that I'm speaking because it is already part of their experience, that they move into this true creation mode and they do not even feel like being part of this earth anymore. All that feels like a dream, which it is, but it is starting to be their reality to see that.


M: Then they shift back and their sensitivity is going to help them to always want to come back to these moments of pure flow and creation where they are connected purely to their essence, because it feels so much better. So, what they really need to learn now is to allow themselves to focus on their wellbeing. Their entire lives they have been focusing on the wellbeing of someone else, of others, of the collective. Now, they are starting to learn that if they focus on their wellbeing it has a huge impact.


H: Like a mirror effect?


M: Yes. This is a new task to unfold this and to master this, which no doubt they will do. This is what they enter now and it's so beautiful to watch it. They are so happy that they are starting off into this new phase. It's quite a contrast.


H: It's really incredible. It's like you're speaking my mind, so I totally resonate with the information that you are bringing through.


M: I know that. I know that. You know these moments. Muna knows these moments. Many of the people who will be listening to this know these moments. That's why we are transmitting this, as an encouragement, because we also know you have your doubts and we know that shifting back is ... Well, it is the way it is. And to help you focus on this, to encourage you to embrace this beautiful energy, to allow yourself to embrace this beautiful energy, and to use your amazing abilities to sense so deeply, to focus on this.


M: So, what you've been doing in the past, sensing so deeply into dense energies in order to help transmute and release, now use those abilities to connect as deeply as you can into the beautiful being states. If you enjoy something, enjoy it as deeply as you can. Understand what it means for your body, for your system, to enjoy it. Just like you know all the facets of pain, you do, you're specialized in it as Indigo as well.


H: Oh yeah.


M: I know. And now you are learning to get to know all the different facets of beauty, of joy, of love, of ecstasy, whichever beautiful being state you want to explore first. So, use your sensitivity and the sense, and explore these being states. That's your task now.


H: Sounds like fun. Finally, yeah, I think many will resonate with these messages. It sounds like we were trained really hard in the past, but yeah, I am feeling a lot of releases already since the beginning of the year and slowly in the one year before maybe. Just I felt like there's kind of a shift in the energy.


M: Yes, it is.


H: It's more effortless. That's how I could describe it, as more effortless.


M: Yes, that's how it is. It is much easier now. This is because of the tasks that I have been talking about, they are completed. They fall away. So, you're released of this former duty. Now, the transition, it is a little bit like ... We know that this task was super-demanding and for some of you it's like coming home from a battlefield really.


H: Oh yes.


M: Yes. You still carry this, the memory of the pain. It will get easier and easier over time to allow yourself to stay in the very elevated being states for a longer time. At the moment, it's a shifting back and forth, simply because you cannot shake it off that fast. So, to all you've been doing, you can just not shake it off like this. But you're learning to enter this new state and you will learn that forgetting things is a large part of the process, that's the task at hand.


H: Is that why we are losing our memory more and more?


M: That's one of the reasons.


H: Oh, wow. Okay. Makes sense.


M: Yes. So, you can rewrite your connections.


H: I wanted to make a little parenthesis on something you said before, but I didn't want to interrupt you. When you mentioned that many Indigos in the past might have had what they thought were dreams of negotiating. It reminded me of a very, very strong dream I had negotiating with Angela Merkel, and I get goosebumps. I wonder if you had any access to this incident, any information or any comment.


M: No, I don't.


H: Okay. That's fine.


M: This cannot be commented on at the moment.


H: That's okay. Wonderful. Should we continue? Are there more things for today you would like to bring through? Would you like to check with Muna, how she feels?


M: Muna's fine. I appreciate that you are receiving this information and you pass it onto your brothers and sisters. We have more information that is relevant for the Indigos entering their new state of development. I'm checking in with Dolores if she wants to add something.


H: I was also thinking of Dolores right now.


H: (silence)


M: (Dolores)


I think Ashtar, he described it beautifully, the new stage and the characteristics of the Indigoes. So, I don't think there's anything to add. There will be information released to help you to spread your creator wings, you could say. That's all I will say for the moment, but we will connect soon again so thank you.


H: Thank you. We are looking forward to it. Thank you, Dolores. And thank you Ashtar.


M: You're welcome, sister.


M: (silence)

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