Serafina - Message on Realignment

Beautiful beings


I am so grateful to be with you in these times of change

My heart energy is expanding alongside yours

It brings so much joy and happiness to see you unfold

See you chose lucidly, deliberately


Embracing your powers as creators of joy and beauty, laughter and love

To rest among you is to participate in your creation, in your awakening

Perceiving the expansion


I thank you for this gift that you bring to us, to me, to you, to humanity and the cosmos

Your chosen upliftment is uplifting those around you


The seen and unseen

The weary and the wounded

The joyful become more joyful

Those who struggle can rest, rest in your energy


Do not let the suffering of others make you lose your direction

For to be an uplifter you need to feel exhilarated, joyful, peaceful, steady

And if at times you lose sight of your inner light that shines so bright, if you are wounded and spiraling down into pain and suffering

Take it as a reminder of how far you have come and lift yourself up again

Set your intent and feel how you are lifted by the grace of the beauty that is all around you, that can be found even in the darkest place


Chose once more to focus on that which makes your heart sing, sends a smile across your face or triggers a deep, deep relaxing breath

Move your focus on the inner planes

The planes where all creation begins


Much love for you, beautiful beings!




Received by Muna

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