Starseed Transmissions is a joint project of Hara, Muna and the Ashtar Command. 

It serves to connect to groups of beings currently sending starseeds to planet earth. 

It was originally introduced as a transmission of ET languages, but developed fast into an exchange of information related to the species, their purpose and interest in being starseeds on earth.

In our very first session, Ashtar gave us the following information, suggesting and introducing the project:


We have put together a whole series of information that we would like to transmit through this vessel. It will help you in your endeavor to reach more people, to reach the people that you can be of service to. There are a number of different languages. Like now we communicate in English. We can communicate in other languages and of course every species has their own language, their own way to communicate, their own language. There are many starseeds who will resonate, when hearing the different languages spoken. They will remember. Many of them will remember that they speak like this. Sometimes when they are in a playful mood, sometimes as children, that this was a favorite way to speak and a natural way to speak, but they never made the connection, that they are actually speaking another language. That they are remembering! But this will be reawakened, and with a little bit of explanation, that this is actually another language, it will help them to integrate large parts of their being. It will be very helpful in the process of becoming more cosmic in nature. 


Commander Ashtar, April, 2019