Serafina · 28. November 2019
Serafina connected to us during a Quantum Journey on Venus. She is sharing her perspective on creation and introduces herself as the guardian for awakening creators.

Antarians · 05. November 2019
It's been only a few days that we publish a video about The Antarians and divine synchronicity rang our bell! Just a few days later through a Quantum Healing hypnosis session,we were able to connect with the same race. During the session, our subject landed directly on a planet called Saarika, part of the Antarian planetary system where we met with an Antarian Guardian named Alandria.

Antarians · 13. October 2019
We connected with The Antarians. A race from the Antares planetary system operating mainly from the 6th density. Lots of interesting details about their race, their connection to the Earth, their environments, space travel, the function of their suits and much more in the video below!

Ant Beings · 23. June 2019
This is a channeled message related to the ant crop circle that appeared on 21st June 2019. It is transmitted from the ship responsible for transmitting the crop circle and explains its meaning. It also gives an insight into the multidimensional, galactic interlinked support mechanisms in supporting earth changes. The message was received on 23rd June 2019.

Ant Beings · 07. June 2019
This is a channeling of a ant being starseed who is currently incarnated in Windhook, Namibia. He gives us some details about himself, which might help him to remember his origin.

Ant Beings · 07. June 2019
The shuttelservice provider describes his task in helping his group members, who are currently incarneated on earth to visit the hub at night, when out of their body.

Ant Beings · 29. May 2019
In this channeling the manager of the interdimensional station of the starseed delegation of ant beings introduces himself. He explains his task in maintaining the energetic & structural integrity of the hub by integrating energetic and frequency changes of his team.

Ant Beings · 28. May 2019
In this channeling the ant beings describe how they created the interdimensional hub for their starseed delegation. They describe how the hub was build in a creative group effort by using the imaginative abilities and natural interconnectedness of the group to build a thoughtform hologram as a template and later the final structure.

Ant Beings · 28. May 2019
In this channeling, the ant being delegation gives us more information about their history and experience on earth and more details about their interdimensional station.

Ant Beings · 16. April 2019
Ant being Useke is answering questions about the connection of the ant beings to the human race, their interest in the human species and research they did in the past. He explains the ant being’s fascination with the intensity of human emotions, and their excitement about experiencing them first hand as starseeds in a human vessel. Useke describes how the ant beings’ manage to maintain balanced and harmonious communities, by addressing unique qualities of all fellow members of their species.

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