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Ant Beings · 23. June 2019
This is a channeled message related to the ant crop circle that appeared on 21st June 2019. It is transmitted from the ship responsible for transmitting the crop circle and explains its meaning. It also gives an insight into the multidimensional, galactic interlinked support mechanisms in supporting earth changes. The message was received on 23rd June 2019.

Ant Beings · 07. June 2019
This is a channeling of a ant being starseed who is currently incarnated in Windhook, Namibia. He gives us some details about himself, which might help him to remember his origin.

Ant Beings · 07. June 2019
The shuttelservice provider describes his task in helping his group members, who are currently incarneated on earth to visit the hub at night, when out of their body.

Ant Beings · 29. May 2019
In this channeling the manager of the interdimensional station of the starseed delegation of ant beings introduces himself. He explains his task in maintaining the energetic & structural integrity of the hub by integrating energetic and frequency changes of his team.

Ant Beings · 28. May 2019
In this channeling, the ant being delegation gives us more information about their history and experience on earth and more details about their interdimensional station.

Ant Beings · 09. April 2019
The ant being Atzuk talks about the starseed delegation that is currently working in Africa. She shares information about the ant being starseeds, their mission and how some of them start to remember their origin.