Serafina · 09. March 2020
If at times you lose sight of your inner light that shines so bright, if you are wounded and spiraling down into pain and suffering. Take it as a reminder of how far you have come and lift yourself up again Set your intent and feel how you are lifted by the grace of the beauty that is all around you, that can be found even in the darkest place.
Serafina · 18. February 2020
Beautiful being. It is such a JOY to be with you. To watch you unfold. To see you vibrate in iridescent colors. Indigo, violet, lavender, rose. We love you with all our being, with our heart and soul. You are entering a new dimension, the dimension of deliberate, aware and intentional creation. We are in awe to see you unfold, emanating beauty, joy, and well-being. Changing the world from within. You are beautiful and your wisdom is increasing. Your mind is set. Set on the elevated being...
Serafina · 28. November 2019
Serafina connected to us during a Quantum Journey on Venus. She is sharing her perspective on creation and introduces herself as the guardian for awakening creators.